Monday, December 17, 2007

Fallout: Boot.ini and Season's Greetings :D

As the dust settles and people get over the entire boot.ini scandal, the fact remains that due to a simple programming error, thousands of clients were affected, some to the point of them thinking that their PC has turned into a big metal brick.

Of course, the fix is easy, its just that you need to know a bit about how your PC works to fix it, which is a lot to ask for from the common PC user, who at most, rely on Windows in-built security to protect them (Vista is safer in this case though...).

Error of the century? More like the error that would kill careers. Rumormill points to a likelyhood that people were laid off because of this. Frankly its a good thing, and on the other hand, said rumormill points to a lot of people getting laid off, some who arent even close to software/QA.

One would ask the question: why?

Still, it was a huge mistake, a mistake that costed a lot of people a lot of money, and so close to Xmas too. Double whammy anyone?

Trinity is still buggy, as to be expected from huge content/upgrade/codefix patches like this. It certainly felt rushed, considering the timing, but hopefully it'll all get fixed well before the next big one comes along (which is likely to be the station-walking avatar upgrade "Ambulation").

As for me, I've taken time off the game for now (still skilling of course, too bad I missed my regular GTC buying due to seasonal shopping) to wait it out. The word on the forums and in-game is infectious, even if you dont play POS wars/logistics/war/piracy. Everyone in each of these lines of EVE play have their gripes, only renewed by Trinity's rather buggy (and boot.ini killing) entry.

In other news, hope everyone enjoys the Holiday times. Season's Greetings from the tropics! :D

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Trinity graphics came, it saw, and it conquered boot.ini

Due to the biggest programming error known to man, the new Trinity update for EVE-Online is a viable danger to any and all Windows XP systems (Vista's saved, more below). Trinity Classic's safe, dont worry.

I dont think I can say it any better than CCP themselves here in this news post.

The summery is this:
Trinity premium graphics patch removes old files like EVE's "boot.ini" file. Unfortunately, due to this massive screwup of epic proportions, the delete command for EVE's old boot.ini file wasnt set to the game directory as usual, but reverted to the root drive (in this case, C:\ drive).

Windows XP keeps boot.ini in C:\, and for those who arent tech-savvy, bottom line is this: if you dont have this file, your PC is a big brick at reboot until you can get its backup (which is always made, thank god) renamed into boot.ini.

Tough luck to even rectify such a thing if the PC wont even start up, right?

IF you installed EVE Online on a different drive from C:\, you're safe.

If you have Vista, you're safe.

If you did not install the Trinity Premium graphics, you're safe.

I am confirming that Trinity Premium has been fixed and anyone who started downloading the premium graphics patch after at least 5am GMT should be safe, but still, KEEP AN EYE ON YOUR BOOT.INI FILE!!!

Keep an eye on your C:\ drive to be on the safe side. I'm keeping backups of my boot.ini file just to be safe myself.

EDIT: A good explanation why Trinity Premium did this before it was corrected can be seen in this post in the current boot.ini sticky thread.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Trinity is coming!

December 5 baby!

Dont believe me? The dev post announcing it does not lie!

Make sure you're ready for the single biggest (literally) expansion to hit EVE. I know I will be :D

Saturday, December 1, 2007


I've just come across a bit of news that just shocked me.

EVE-TV has reportedly closed it's doors after it's end of Season 1.

No news is on the website regarding this, but according to this other website, this proves to be a quiet cancellation of EVE-TV.

The website in question is here, or

I'm not exactly sure if should take this as a cruel joke, or the inklings of truth, but either way it hurts, and if it is proven to be true, its a huge blow to EVE's community.

You have to admit, having a TV show dedicated to the game you play, and a chance to get on TV is something unique to EVE. I mean, sure, Koreans have their Starcraft tournaments on TV, but thats just competition. This is EVE in it's entirety, and not just tournaments, or info from the Devs or just the Fanfest coverage. Its EVE. Simple as that.

Having just read the EVE-TV section of the forums, it seems to be true. This is horrible to the extreme.

EVE-TV made EVE-Online bigger than just a game-world. It helped become a society all its own, with its own culture and history. Taking this away is like taking the great museums and media coverage of the world away. What kind of world would that be like? Bland and boring come to mind.

A "bland and boring" game is a stagnating game, and is a dying game.

Yes, I dare use such strong language.

EVE-TV was good enough to be payed for, in all actuality. Heck, I wouldnt mind paying a bit extra just to see EVE-TV for myself, attaching that cost to my subscription. Why? Because it's great, and its a part of EVE. Take that away, and it's similar to trying to... uhh... "satisfy" one's self with someone else's... uhh... "other part/s". It isnt fun and it feels so being left out (not to mention disgusting).

Please, CCP, give us EVE-TV again. We dont mind if we have to click through a lot of ad banners or have to see international advertisements of other stuff not related to EVE-TV, as long as it doesnt jarr us from what makes EVE truly special.

EVE is special CCP. Make it even moreso.