Saturday, March 1, 2008

Been framed...

...and cleared my name.

Lost? I'll start from the beginning.

An old... "aquaintance" just showed up to "torment" me with his childish attempts of "getting revenge" on me. Sad kid has a screw or two loose to be frank.

The first time this happened, he tried scamming me on a deal for a fully-fitted + rigs Drake meant for missioning. I didnt bite after asking probing questions about what rigs were onboard (he changed his story like 4 times the entire time I was conversing with him). The sad bit here is that I found out he was a local of the parts where I lived and we started talking about that.

Then I poked some more about the supposed rigged Drake. Then saw through his attempt at scamming me for it and promptly closed the chat window.

This is where I made my first mistake, and broke on of my Laws of the Internet: never tell people any real-life information about you. Suffice to say, this proved to come back and haunt me the next couple of days.

Next thing I know I get phone calls from a whiny 12yr old calling me names and stuff. Thank God for caller ID. I immediately got his number, and looked it up, then called back to talk to someone who was actually of legal age.

Luckily enough, I caught his dad of all people. Of course he wouldnt believe me till I told him to go check his "redial" button on his phone. It went back to me. So I said if his kid didnt stop bothering me, I'd have to take action. Naturally he was still skeptical, so I set up a trap for the kid.

Next day, on the hour, he calls, and now he threatened to hurt my family and my baby nephew/niece.

This set off alarm bells for me, since I didnt give him any hint that I had a baby nephew and niece under the same roof, not to mention details of where I lived, only a phone number.

As I said, I set up a trap in the form of a complete phone audio recording of the entire thing, and promptly went over to his place (when he was at school) to talk to his parents, recording in tow.

Now I didnt want the kid in trouble with the law, which is why I went to his parents first. They apparently sorted him out because the next day I didnt get any more whiny 12yr old pre-pubescent voice on my phone calls.

Christmas passes by, New Years, and fast-forward to 2 days ago, after I made my post regarding "lemonade"...

I came home tired, was a hard day, then next thing I know on a final turn into our street, I see the kid, along with some burly-looking guy. He spots me, and next thing I know, I'm getting stones thrown at me from them.

Now dear reader, probably by this point you'd have gotten out of the car and beat the living daylights out of Kid Neurotic and Sidekick Burly Bob, but at the time I had baby duo in my car with their mother (my sister).

My sister calls the cops, while I made a phone call to his parents. Kid Neurotic runs off laughing like he was on crack.

Whilst this was going on, and after a talk with both the parents (who came over) and the cop, I finally settled down to log into EVE and change a skill before I have to babysit as I usually did after work.

enter username
enter password
"Banned. Reason: None"

Suffice to say, I screamed something I shouldnt have screamed considering that there were kids within earshot.

I immediately contacted CCP about it, and lo and behold, I'm under "investigation" for "selling and buying isk" and "sharing of one's username and password".

It didnt take me 3 seconds to figure out who told them this.

(First off, I may not be an expert as to how CCP handles investigative cases like this, but a reason stating I'm under investigation would have helped instead of a "Reason: None"...)

I had it escalated, and got cleared.

I've had it.

If shit like this got to the only bastion of relaxation and venting of steam I've ever had, I dont want any part of it.

Yes, dear readers, I'm quitting EVE. And no, you cant have my stuff. I've given them away already.

I've just made this post to set the record straight, and will most likely be the last EVE-related blog entry I'll ever make.

I was angry at CCP (or whoever braindead intern with the GM account) for badly handling my case before I had it escalated, but whatever, its out of my hands and I'm done with it.

Kid Neurotic's getting the beating of his life, and I intend to make sure he doesnt attempt to hurt me or my family ever again.