Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Halloween! Also, update on pet project v2

Happy Halloween! For most people, this'll mean lots of tricks, treats, candy, and a fun night of partying in silly costumes and basically a good de-stress moment.

Unfortunately for me, I'm forced to be indisposed to the more trivial and fun aspects of Halloween due to more pressing concerns. Sad, yes, it so very is :(

But at least its less hassle for me to try and find a get-up to get into and going out, only to end up in someone else's couch half a town away. (Yes, happened to me, horribly embarrasing).

Anyway, back to more EVE-related concerns, like an update on my Pet Project v2:

Due to RL matters taking more and more time away from me (normally comes and goes, now it just came in hard), I'm forced to actually be offline from most of EVE and play the login-swapskill-logoff game. It comes at not-too bad a time as well, since I garnered valuable player experience from flying my goal-ships with realistic setups during Armageddon Day.

As it stands, I've just finished armor tanking skills, and am working now on Advanced Weapon Upgrades skill (reduced PG usage of guns, very valuable when fitting T2 guns as they drain PG by quite a margin compared to T1/named). After this, I hit Amarr weapons and ship skills up to BS 4, then hit T2 lasers.

Goal is still mid-Febuary, according to EVEmon. Not bad considering I will be indisposed that long anyhow.

A small addendum to my post for today is a foray of my nephew into an MMO that gets a lot of bad light, or no light at all: Matrix Online. Yes, its THE Matrix MMO, and yes, its still alive. I've been able to sneak a little peek into it and from their latest patch release, they've reduced sight to near-point-blank, making everything darker than dark, and releasing zombies in certain areas for players to fight and gain odd Halloween mask things. Halloween event indeed...

Problem is, trying to play the game with everything as dark as it is due to the Halloween event is basically, well, pointless. Its definately a "niche" game now, nothing much for the newbie to look forward to besides hoping that a kind veteran or a group of them help you along. In any case, its a fun distraction, and worth probably a month or two, too bad I'm already commited to my own MMO choice: EVE Online.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Armageddon Day, and OMG CCP GOT HACKED!

During the past two weeks, I've been knee-deep in RL matters, but not enough that I was not able to join in the test server's Armageddon Day event, which is basically a major stress-test/CONCORD day off day. You can probably imagine, with the lack of NPC police, "super"-ed characters, lots of high-end items seeded on the market at a piddlingly cheap 100 isk, how chaotic and full of PvP that'll entail, and since this was a stress-test, you can probably guess it was nigh-oh impossible to get on, and actually enjoy the supers and free stuff.

I've been able to test certain Amarr ships that I've tested with offline tools like EFT and Quickfit, and found them to be quite to my liking. This only strengthened my resolve in continuing for my Amarr spec training.

And on a more recent note: CCP's unannounced downtime a day or so ago as of this entry sparked huge rumormills and naysayings that CCP is in big trouble. Technically, they were, but they were smart in going incognito as they fixed the unauthorized entry into their system.

Personally, couple this with a rash of isk-seller posts all over the forums, my hypothesis points to not ingame alliances hacking the database itself to gain in the game (of which, they really need to get priorities straight if this were true. EVE's a game for cripes!), but to isk-sellers wanting to profit from easy-to-obtain items and sell them for isk, to sell for RL cash.

Of course, all speculation. The truth is that CCP nailed down the breech, and are watching carefully. I just hope authorities are called into this, and the suspect/s caught and put to trial. I believe I speak for the entire EVE playerbase when I say: We want the blood of the hacker/s, and we want it now for this atrocity.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Pet Project, Update

Its been quite some time since I've mentioned about my pet project, and a lot has changed from it being an alt-to-become-main, to a continuation of my current main into something else.

This is due to RL constraints and RL influence (most in part that my significant other decided that she would like to have the character and name that I chose for the alt-turned-main).

This didnt put a wrench into my plans per se, in fact, it significantly shortened my planned skill training, considering that I already have basic ship support skills up at acceptable levels, and all I needed was a bit more in a spot or two, armor tanking skills, and the T2 weaponry for lasers to fly Amarr well.

Part of the reason why I chose Amarr, even until now, is because of "horror" stories of the Abbadon becoming a force to be reckoned with on the field.

Also part in part that, on paper (and in Quickfit/EFT), the Abbadon proves itself to be the most damaging long range BS there is (albeit the range is short for long-range combat). Combine this that the Armageddon is a feared opponent in it's own right as well...

Months of Caldari missile boat flying have worn down my skills in terms of turret ship use, which is going to prove the make-or-break factor in my plan for Amarr flying. Turret ships require quite a lot more micromanagement because of turret tracking and range issues. Reward pays off in that turrets dont have to worry about flight time unlike missiles as I've said in my previous entries.

One basic technique is to fly the same direction your target is, matching its course, being parallel to it, to reduce turret tracking problems. This also helps as well if you have range, of which Amarr hold the mid-range battle very well.

Unfortunately, most PvP in EVE happens at extreme-close-range (Gallente blaster and Mimmatar autocannon territory) or at extreme-long-range (everyone else's, Rokh as range king with rails). It doesnt mean, however, that Amarr are completely left out. It'll just prove to be harder to fly them, especially solo.

So, actual update on my Amarr plan: I'm currently training Hull Upgrades lvl5 (for T2 armor tank mods), of which to follow would be each specific damage type armor compensation skill up to lvl4, before I head to get Weapon Upgrades 5 in prep for Advanced Weapon Upgrades 4.

Quite a ways before I even start anything remotely Amarr, right? Its a long haul, and plan currently holds it at late-January to mid Febuary for T2 large laser weaponry.

Not that far off, considering that the holidays will keep me busy with RL stuff :D