Monday, January 7, 2008

Happy New 2008, and the influx of new people

I know I'm a week or so late, but Happy New Year!

Alright, back to work/school/sh_tty lives/problems of society/etc.

Yes, I'm a bit on the edge as of this year, probably because personal matters just wont give me up to the greatness that is EVE, but that's life, so on with EVE-related talk.

...I hope you're still with me here.

Oh you are? Good, EVE talk commencing...

Alright, with the new year comes a whole new look on how big EVE's gotten lately. More accurately the record numbers of people on the server just got broken yet again.

Yes, Tranquility (the server) just took on more than 35 thousand people at the same time, and lived.

Thank god I wasnt on when this happened. I cant imagine the lag it would have generated.

Yes, a clue: CCP still has trouble keeping the server as lag-less as possible when everyone and their mother is logging on to get some EVE goodness (and on the friking holidays no less, dont you people have families/friends to celebrate with? No, your girlfriend doesnt count because she ends in a jpg, and neither do your chatmates as well in IRC/IM/whathaveyou) and you really cant blame them. Nobody but CCP have the balls to even attempt a single-shard game.

Yet, TQ lives, and CCP gets their paychecks. Surely they must be doing something right.
(no, I didnt just call you Shirley, so clam it)

With the official support for linux and Mac just out, an influx of new people just came onto EVE in droves. That's a good thing since at least, visibly, we know EVE is growing, and gaining. Sad bit is is that we keep running into the newbie-that-wont-get-it, aka the noob, aka F.N.G.

Sure you'll have the well-mannered newbie that just happened to have missed the New Citizen's section of the forums and decided to post in the General Discussion section. No big, right? People make mistakes. Morons commit them continuously.

Thankfully, the amount of noobs with this batch of new blood seems to be little-to-none. Probably because of all the Linux guys being smart people for once (yes, this is a boost to Linux even though I'm a Windows user, oh the horror...can it)

Its not the (lack of) intelligence in this batch of new guys into EVE that is getting to me however, its the sheer amount of them. Seriously, on really bad days, I dont even put up with answering questions for the normal new guy that pops in every 6 hours or so with a question that is either answered in a post below, or in a sticky, but lately, I've had to hold myself back from trolling the new guy's thread when there's the same exact question and answer right below it.

Oh well, it'll go away in time anyhow, so meh. We were all newbies once, after all. (yes you mother-hating arsewipe, you were born from your mother, and there's no way you'll ever be rid of that fact so sit down and take it.)

disclaimer: the amount of infammatory remarks in this post is of leagues higher than my previous entries, and for that I apologize. Some of the remarks are meant at (a) certain key person(s) who just outright deserve it. If you are offended by these remarks, I once again apologize and state that they are not meant for you

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Nuyan said...

Haven't really had any special problems at all with over 40k people logged in on Tranquility. Lag just differs from system to system as usual.