Friday, February 1, 2008

The Long Haul: Large Turret lvl5

For veterans of EVE-Online familiar with this, skip this blog entry.

For newbies who have yet to touch up on a lvl5 skillup, read on...

I'm on the running end of a large, 20-day-long skill train which is Large Energy Turret lvl5, a prerequisite for T2 lasers (both beam and pulse).

Yes, its been a long time coming, and to save myself the horror of waiting, I took the time out to fix RL 1.0 for myself.

Family, significant other, and friends come first, after all.

If all goes well, I'll be back in the game with a fresh T2-capable (yet Amarr, OHNOES) skillset to practice with.

On the side, I have been catching up on old times with a good friend of mine during my DnD-tabletop days (though not as a player, more like watching wtf they were on about.) and got deep into thinking up about RPing again. I miss the good old days of playing a character with a story and having a nice (if fictional) excuse to pewpew in EVE.

Expect an update sooner or later down the line. Till then, enjoy Febuary :D

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