Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Amarr Oomph

Any EVE Online player who's spent more than a month in this game will tell you that Amarr, in its current game-state, is on a losing stage compared to other races' ships. Cant blame them really, Amarr have been traditionally left out in the cold in terms of adjustment, as the game around Amarr gets stronger, faster, and all in all better, Amarr havent been adjusted that much.

This leaves a lot of mid-game Amarr fliers out in the cold, and scares off beginners into the fold.

High-SP Amarr-centric players have found ways around Amarr's many problems, mostly by pushing highly-used skills like energy-based ones all the way to lvl5. A whole lot of time and SP required, indeed.

Unfortunately, this is not feasable for any normal player, forced to train very long skills just to stay competitive, when the same amount of SP in other races will make you excel in them. EVE is a game, and as a game, it should be fair, at least in terms of the tools of the trade. Amarr is not balanced.

Till now.

Behold, finally CCP have realized the 3-year long problem that is Amarr and have spoken!

Dont believe me?

Really? You think I'm talking out of my arse?

Read those two links again. Its official, CCP are going to do something about it.

Perfect timing that I have had to use my GTC money in buying a couple of 120mm fans for my case too :/

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