Thursday, February 14, 2008

20 in' days...

I come to you now a model of complete failure.

Yes, indeed, a complete failure.

I fail at EVE.

Lost? Well remember my previous entry about training Large Energy Turret lvl5? It seems I've done a major misclick somewhere in the past, and was training Large Hybrid Turret lvl5 instead.

I've even petitioned it to really make sure that the entry in my skill history wasnt faked or bugged.

I had 20 bleedin' days to go and check what the I was training to begin with, and I didnt even make the time, or even bothered, to go in and have a look-see with the myriad number of tools at my disposal to go check.

This, dear readers, is why I indeed, fail at EVE.

Looks like it'll be another long 2 month wait for those T2 guns...


XFranc said...

Im with you, to a lesser extent.

I trained the entirety of Energy Upgrades V when I wanted to train Electronic Upgrades V

But all skills are useful - so dont worry too much :)

Tarminic said...

If it makes you feel better, I was supposed to be training Gallente Cruiser to 5 over a month-long (financially induced) break from EVE.
I then improperly added the number of days I had left on my account, and tried to log in only to discover my account had expired several hours ago.

I lost an entire month worth of training :(