Thursday, February 7, 2008

Trust is a weakness, prt2

I've talked quite a bit regarding trust in EVE Online, and how easily it can be abused just for the sake of laughs on either end, or for actual ingame gain, or for something more sinister.

As I've said, trust can be both a weakness, and a strength. If you trust the right people to do the right thing at the right time, you can come out on top easily, and maybe with bragging rights to top it off.

Recently, a forum thread caught my eye, which quickly references a rather new innovation in character development, management, and otherwise quick way of getting info on someone: the API key.

Info about what the API key thing is is on the main website, as well as what it does, and what it can be.

As this is still rather new for some old-timers to grasp, the API key (two versions, 1 limited, 1 full) allows other people to view your character statistics like skills, and for the full key, wallet, assets, corporation, and other such info regarding your character/s on that account. Some recruiters nowadays ask for your API key to look you up, when during the old days, they'd request a screenshot of your character selection screen (to check for possible alts on the same account).

Since spying, corp theft, and sabotage are part and parcel of this game, its best not to take any chances. In fact, some of the actions some recruiters ask potential recruits border on giving RL information over the internet.

You NEVER give any personal real-life information to ANYONE on the internet. Identity theft is a serious crime, and one that can ruin lives forever. I know so, because I'm related to one who was a victim of it. Its been 10 years and still my relative cant completely fix the damage the thief has done.

Besides, why give real-life information over the internet when you could just fake it. Faking RL info is smart, as it throws off not only potential internet thieves ready to pounce on someone's bank history and drain it dry/ruin it, but to those who would use it to just make your life a living hell "for the lulz".

Of course, my real name isnt my character name, and also are my emails, even my work and school one (used for "serious business" even though my professors and boss/es look at my funny when I gave it to them).

Sure it wont be easy when you have to use actual credentials over the internet for some real work, but if you get to that point, IMHO, you're getting screwed. Avoiding the use of an unsecure medium for your personal information is the smartest thing you can do to keep off anyone's target-radar for victimization.


ben said...

Nice blog and interesting advices. Keep up the good work.


James Harrison / Ix Forres said...

I've been penciling this in as a feature of EVE Metrics, a new EVE data analysis, aggregation and intelligence suite I'm working on as a webapp- a way of validating that people don't have alts in other corps/alliances and so on, securely. This sort of thing gets very silly sometimes, unfortunately.